For those of you who follow me on social media (all of you, I hope – if not, get a life) you’ll have seen my latest venture with Percival.

Chris, who runs the brand has become a good mate of mine after our foray into outerwear at the beginning of last year and he asked if I was interested in doing something new with him.

Three months, a bunch of design sessions, some hard work (mostly from him – I did all the fun stuff) and the birth of his (actual) baby later and we are left with these┬áthree (bag) babies!

The first of which is this day-to-day backpack. Hard-wearing, super practical, with sexy clips and plenty of pockets. It comes in grey or black. You’d be surprised how much thought and design goes into making something both beautiful and life-friendly.

But I think we crushed it. I’m a seasoned backpack carrier so if anything, I’m over-qualified. (Full disclosure – I told Chris what was important to me, picked the fabrics, made it look pretty and shared many a bag-related anecdote, but without his experience and expertise, they would not have ended up like this)

The Weekender, for me is a real winner. It has about the same volume as a holdall, but is much more practical. Instead of hobbling around, lop-sided with all of your belongings crammed into one hand, you can wear it on your back, saving your spine and free-ing up your hands.

I bought one of these for my brother. He’s just had a baby and I thought it would be handy for a infant go-bag. There are a bunch of pockets, the same hardware (I love the clip – it’s so satisfying to use) as on the backpack and slots of laptops, books, passports, chargers and wires (or nappies, baby-wipes, dummies, bottles, and all child-related paraphernalia).

The zips closure is that the back which makes it more theft-proof, but from a packing standpoint is much more efficient than a standard backpack or holdall. Of course if you need you laptop in a hurry, you don’t need to lay the bag down, you can open the top of the zip and get straight to it. It’s genius!

The Laptop Case comes in thirteen and fifteen inches (although if you’re still carrying around a fifteen incher and you’re not editing Hollywood movies, or doing something for NASA you need to reassess your life – no judgement).

The same theme runs throughout these and the rest of the collection and it will keep your laptop warm and cosy (plus there’s a little pocket for your bits and bobs – I would recommend and SD card adapter if you’re using the newer macbooks because they don’t have the bloody slot!)

Thanks for reading,

Jim x