Autumn is coming

Controversial, but I’m totally ready for autumn.

So much so, in fact, that I’m already beginning to layer up. Despite the fact that it’s still far too muggy.

This look embraces the leaves turning with a really gorgeous tan suede jacket from Sandro.

It’s one of the those shapes that lends itself to whatever you fancy. Wear it causally, as I have here. Rock it with a t-shirt, layer with a hoody or jumper. Wear a smart shirt and trousers or simply stick a t-shirt under it. It’s effortless and eternally cool.

Because they are eternally cool, you can find blouson-shape jackets everywhere. What makes this one special is the colour and the fabric. It’s suede in a deep, luxurious tan that makes an otherwise simple look sing.

I paired it with a blue-grey cashmere shirt from Zegna (I’ve had it for years, but linked to something very similar here) and black jeans from Levi’s.

I’m also really happy to be wearing boots again! I got these brown suede bad boys from Rag and Bone last autumn and have been itching to dig them out again. That itch has now been scratched.

Thanks for reading.