WHAT I GOT UP TO (9th – 13th JULY)

At the risk of sounding smug and alienating every reader/friend; life is really good.

Here’s what went down last week.


Tan and I booked a quick trip to Ibiza for 4 days. We barely saw each other while she was doing the play and had intended to have some much needed couple time when she finished… Yet we found ourselves three weeks after-the-fact and not one date night had been had.

I was busy beavering away and she had to catch up on all the stuff she had not been able to do while committed to the theatre. So it seemed like the only thing for it was to sneak away and soak up some sun.

I had only been to Ibiza once before (earlier this year, in February, actually) but I came down with tonsilits on the first day and was bed-ridden. This time it was glorious!


I landed on Monday and went straight to an event with the BFI where I learned lots about the film industry. I spent Tuesday writing my screenplay and then headed to a Tommy Hilfiger event where I bumped into Marcus and we sat on a denim car.


Wednesday was all about sport. We went out of the world cup (I’m ok with it, our team did us proud) and I went to Wimbledon with Ralph Lauren.

Wimbledon is one of my favourite events of the year. Luckily, every time I’ve been, the weather has been incredible and the games have been excellent.

I drunk lots of Pimms, enjoyed afternoon tea and ate more strawberries and cream than you can shake a racket at! (plus, I LOVE this linen suit from Ralph).


Nothing to report on Thursday. I worked out in the morning then sat at my desk all day, writing (it was so hot I spent the entire day in my boxer shorts… probably best there is no photo evidence)


I had what was honestly one of the best weekends of my life. I went to Latitude festival where I hung out with my family, saw lots of old friends and made a bunch of new ones too.

A couple of  mine and Tan’s very good friends live just down the road from the festival in one of the most incredible and welcoming homes I’ve ever been too. We flittered between the festival and their house eating everything and laughing a lot.

There were tortoises, rope swings, kittens in my t-shirt, Love Island, a friend fell in love, a stranger played drums for The Killers and there was plenty of sun.

I’m a happy chap.

Thanks for reading,