WHAT I GOT UP TO (29th MAY – 1st JUNE)

Well hello there, how’s life?

I’m great, thanks for asking. Last week was jam packed with adventures. Want to know what I got to?


When I said “last week was jam packed with adventures”, I didn’t mean Monday. It was a bank holiday so I hung out with my wife until she had to leave for the theatre (she’s leading a play over at Southwark playhouse, in case you’ve not seen my incessant proud tweets and instagram posts), then I quickly got bored so did work on my new screenplay.

Nothing to see here.


On Tuesday, my friend and photography whiz (can’t believe I just called someone a whiz. Mark this as the moment I turned middle-aged), Mike came all the way from Bristol to teach me camera wizardry. We had planned to do some street-style stuff, but there was a lightning storm that started the moment he turned up and stopped the moment he left.

Instead, we at the world’s biggest Wagamama and played around with flash, which is something I’ve never understood. Ignore the fact that this isn’t a great shot – it’s more about the theory behind it. I learned about slow sync and rear sync flash, as well some nifty techniques to get some dramatic effects.


Katie Pix is one of my favourite people and she invited me to her kitchen studio to film a baking video. I loved every minute of it. It’s been a very long time since I did a #BakingWithJim so we shot two recipes – one for my channel and one for hers. Half way through, Jack turned up because, so he hopped in too and was a little ray of sunshine!

Both videos go up next Wednesday.


(Firstly, sorry for the blurry photo, clearly my lessons with ‘Mike the photography whiz’ aren’t working as well as I had hoped).

My very good friend, Richard Biedul has partnered with excellent British brand, King and Tuckfield (Stacey from K&T is on the left) to bring a collection designed by him. It’s bloody brilliant! Richard has amazing style, an eye for detail and impeccable ethics. Everything is sustainable, made in the UK and is also really sexy!

He asked if I would interview himself and Stacey before the launch so there was a story when it went live. Rich had been telling me about it for a few months and I really admire what both him and Stacey have done. His love for the project is infectious (plus, he’s my mate) so I was very happy to do it (even though the studio was the hottest place I have ever been).

Link to Richard Biedul x King and Tuckfield video.


Then, on the weekend, I went to Portugal to drive the new Jaguar IPace. It’s their first all electric car and it has blown my mind. Not only is it carbon friendly, it’s also a monster!

I could go on, because, as you know (if you follow what I’m up to), I’m trying my best to be better to our planet and this vehicle allows you to do that with no compromises. Plus I’m a nerd and the science behind it gets me all excited, but I’ll stop here and direct you to my video that has just gone live so you can see the glee on my face!


My driving partner was Tom (from the youtube channel Syndicate) and as you can see, we bonded. Hard. Driving cars was not all we did – we also got boated around the Algarve coast line and chilled the F out.

Unfortunately our flight was cancelled on the Sunday evening so we were forced to find a hotel and hunker down for an extra night. As you can see, it was awful!

Thanks for reading,

Jim x