WHAT I GOT UP TO (6th -12th May)


Want to know what I got up to last week? You clicked the link that lead you here, so I’m guessing you do!


Seeing as Monday was a bank holiday and I barely left the sofa (partly because I was relaxing and partly because I was recovering from what you are about to read) I’m starting with Sunday when I completed Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder is a 10 mile run with 20 obstacles along the way. As the name would suggest, some of them are very muddy. Other include electric shocks, ice cold water, barbed wire and some bloody steep hills.

I ran with my friend, Adam and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The first photo is before we set off – the photo below is half way round.


Tuesday was a big day in the office. I did lots of writing, which I really enjoy. And a tonne of admin, which I really don’t.

The weather was beautiful, so I snuck out to a new joint at lunch and had some Thai chicken while drinking out of a coconut.


I recently received a Jimmy Choo skateboard in my PO box and decided to bust out some of my old moves… unfortunately, ‘busting out’ moves is much harder and much more scary than I remember. Still, I’ve barely set foot on a board for 15 years (that’s literally half of my life ago).


Then I went to Cannes Film Festival with Grey Goose and had the best time!

This is me on the balcony of my hotel room before the first party (if you’re super jealous, it’s worth noting that it did rain straight after this was taken).


However, the rain soon passed and I was soon in a tuxedo at a very swanky dinner made by a Michelin Star chef, drinking many a martini.


On Saturday we went to private island just off the coast of Cannes where we ate more incredible food and chilled in the sun. This is me with the Grey Goose team. They were all truly lovely people and I’m very much looking forward to working with them all again soon.

Life is crazy, hey?

Thanks for reading,

Jim x