WHAT I GOT UP TO (20th – 25th MAY)


Last week was a whirlwind. Part of the reason I like doing these blog posts is because I have a terrible memory and they give me a chance to look back at what’s been going on . So, here’s what’s been going on.


Have you ever tried kombucha? Lots of people really like it – I think it tastes like vinegar. I bought my first bottle on Monday and hated every sip. Luckily I got it from Leon and also picked up a burger and some baked fries. I liked them. A lot.

Here I am, in the sunshine, between meetings, post ginger kombucha, sitting on a bench, eating. Special shout-out to the fact that my teeth seem to disappear when stuffing my face.


Tuesday was a filming day. I’m making a video on ways to wear funky cuban collared shirts. This ‘Saturday Night Fever’ moment is an outtake.


My wife, who has worked her butt off in rehearsals finally got to play Ella (her character in the play, Confidence) in front of an audience. I’ve never been more proud.


Thursday was a working from home day. It’s probably for the best I don’t have a photo to show you – I was very productive, but hung out it in shorts all day and didn’t even put a t-shirt on (it was hot) until I went back to the theatre to watch Tan again in the evening.


Friday was a HUGE day for Tan. It was the press night of Confidence and we turned up in numbers to support her. Myself, Dom (head of my management), Kate (Tan’s best friend), Valeria (Tan’s friend and makeup artist), Sam (Tan’s friend and hairdresser), Millie and Lucy (mine and Tan’s managers) all sat front row and cheered her on.

I took this photo while we were having a few drinks before the show and sent it to her so she knew we’d be there, sitting front row.

It’s nearly sold out, but there are a few tickets left, if you’re interested.

Thanks for Reading,

Jim x