I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the weather in the UK has been somewhat unpredictable lately.

This blog post compliments my most recent youtube video where I attempt to tackle the best and the worst London had to offer.


Monday was bloody freezing so it was all about the jacket and the knitwear.

I decided to go all black everything with a statement jumper, letting my love for all things pre-historic take centre stage.

The jacket is Burberry – it’s a real investment piece that I’ve had for about three years and one that I’m still very much obsessed with. It’s a stiff black leather (that’s getting better with age) with a shearling collar that provides a sense of luxury as well as comfort.

The jumper is from coach and it is still my favourite of all time. It’s black so it goes with basically everything, it’s a cashmere intarsia knit so it’s super soft and it has a T-Rex on it. What’s not to love?!

The jeans hail from Levi’s and are 501’s with a taper (‘501 T’, if you’re browsing for the fit). They’re slim through the leg and tapered at the calf, but aren’t skinny.


I had picked up this pink jacket over the weekend and really wanted to wear it on Monday but it was just too cold and wet. It got it’s debut on Tuesday though and I’m a big fan. It comes from Dunhill and, once again is an investment item. It’s a delicate pink suede that I sprayed a whole lot of suede protector on when I arrived home after buying it.

The T-shirt comes from Alexander McQueen and is a year or so old. It has a Deathly Hallows vibe and I like the idea of going all black again (the jeans are the same as the previous day) but breaking it up with the pink jacket and grey bag.

Speaking of the bag; I don’t actually know a huge amount it. It just sort of turned up one day, but the dusty grey colour is great for spring. It comes from a brand called Geofre and I must say, I like the way they think. The outer layer is leather and the inner, suede layer can be removed, effectively giving you two bags, each with their own character. The leather one is super roomy, kind of like a tote, while the suede has useful pockets and straps inside.


It started cold and wet but ended in beautiful sunshine. My coat is from Burberry and once again is something I’ve had for a very long time. It’s a classic double-breasted top-coat shape that can work just as well over a suit or jeans and a t-shirt.

Under that I have used a denim jacket (that I can’t for the life of me recall the origins of) as mid-layer. It’s a simple casual blue piece that makes the whole look a little less smart. Without it I would have been chilly (until the sun came out) and over-dressed.

I thought the season for cords had left us, but when I looked out of the window on that morning, I dug them back out. This pair are from Ralph Lauren and are a beautiful moss green colour. They are also testament to what a nip and a tuck can do. When I bought them last year they were much too wide, but I really liked the colour so I took them into my local alteration guy and 3 days later, they fit me like a glove!

The boots (that you can just about see in this pic) are from Coach. They’re a simple brown Chelsea boot and an invaluable addition to any man’s wardrobe. They’re another item that can go from super smart to super casual but always show that you know what you’re doing.

FRIDAY (Thursday was a working from home day, so I basically hung out in my training gear all day).

And on Friday I went all double denim and tiny dog. I was filming a video on different ways to wear a denim jacket and this one of the looks I documented.

Both my jeans and jacket are one of a kind (well the jacket is two of a kind) and both are from Levi’s. I designed the jacket with them for an exhibition they were putting on in LA, where they picked the 50 most stylish people in the world and asked them what they would do with their denim. Mine is longer in the arms (I’m basically a Orangutan) and I drew something on my iPad that is all over the back. You’ll have to watch the video to see what.

The jeans are from Levi’s made-t0-measure department called Lot 1. A lovely lady (ask for Lizzy if you do it in the Regent Street store) takes your measurements and the rest is up to you. You pick the denim, the fit, the pockets, the hardware and any other bit and bobs you want. I went super classic (surprise surprise). I wanted a pair that would fit me perfectly but also get better with age, so I chose a thick selvedge denim in an indigo that will wear over time. I’ve had them about 18 months so far and they are coming on lovely!

Here’s the video where I go into more detail, if you’re interest.

Thanks for reading.

Jim x