Hey guys,

Sorry for the radio silence, I have had a bit of downtime since we last spoke and you would have seen a lot of pictures of me in my trackies at home typing on my laptop. Which might have got a bit boring..

ANYWAY, enjoy!


Here I am looking very happy with my jacket sweet potato. I am trying to cook a lot more, and starting to really like it! I’ve served it with some tuna, baked beans and cheese. And it was deeeelicious.


Tuesday was a bit of an admin day. I had a breakfast meeting, and then a haircut and then a really cool event in the evening hosted by Richard James.

Richard James’ suits are beautiful, and it was nice to catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen for ages.


I had a really busy but great day on Wednesday. It started off with a visit to Battersea dogs home to see and hear about some of the amazing things they do there. They are an organisation that take in neglected, stray or unwanted dogs and cats and help them find a loving home. They aim never to turn away an animal in need of help, and take care of over 7,000 dogs and cats a year. To find out more, head here.

I met some incredible volunteers and animals, and came away wanting dog number two so badly (…don’t tell Martha!)

That afternoon I took part in a live stream Q&A for AOL Build (which is where the sultry black and white picture above is from). We had a great chat, aaaand you can still watch it – check it out!


I absolutely love spending time with my sisters, and it was so lovely to bump into them at Ruth Crilly’s CoLab launch.

That evening I took some of Gleam office to Junk Yard Golf. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s like crazy golf with alcohol. And it’s so. much. fun.


Friday was a chilled day spent with the wife, so no photo for you, sorry!

Thanks for reading, and see you next week,

Jim x