Hello again!

The last week was a lot less hectic than the one before, thank goodness. It also meant that I was able to let my hair down once or twice.


On Monday I recorded the Glamour podcast with Jo Elvin (editor in chief) and Cat, talking about things that I believe are okay to do and say. We covered ghost stories, people’s online persona vs. real life and so much more and I would highly recommend giving it a listen. It’s out now!

It was also the first time I wore this jacket. Levi’s very kindly asked me and forty nine other stylish people to design their own trucker jacket, and only two exist of this one in the world. I drew the skull on my iPad, sent it across, and next thing I knew it was stitched on the jacket! I’ve seen a few from the others and they’re all very cool but you know me, I am quite understated so I kept it quite simple with a faded black jacket and white stitching. The words are the title of one of my favourite Radiohead songs.


Tuesday was a day in Gleam catching up with post book tour stuff. I pride myself on making an entrance and this day was no exception… I spilt fig yogurt all over the floor within two minutes of arriving. Lumpy it was too.


Wednesday was a busy day of work followed by me taking all the people that made my book happen out for dinner to say thank you. There were 20 of us and we went to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Barbacoa. I was going to take my camera but there was whisky there so I felt I couldn’t trusted.


Thursday was the Attitude Awards so I was all tuxed up. The Attitude Awards are always a chance to bend the rules, I wore this three piece Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo. It is jacquard with velvet lapels. I usually keep my suits quite traditional, but it fits so beautifully and I won’t get a chance to wear it again for a while. I was invited to the awards by Jaguar, and had a great time with the team – thanks Jag!


There is no picture for Friday but it’s for your own good. After being out two nights in a row, I spent the day in my trackies doing some writing on the sofa.

Thank you so much for reading,

See you next week!