WHAT I GOT UP TO (16th – 20th OCTOBER)

Welcome back to another week of Jim!

I had a lot of meetings and late nights this week, but it does mean there are loads of exciting things coming up.

Let’s get started shall we?


Did anyone else experience the end of the world on Monday?! After a busy day of meetings at Gleam, I was heading back to mine and suddenly the sky just turned a strange pinky orange colour and it all went very dark. It was all a bit apocalyptic but in the end I found out (after a little Google) that the storms which have hit the UK recently have been blowing red dust and sand from the Sahara, which caused the weird sepia filter effect.

After I knew that, it was actually pretty cool.

This photo is me signing some more 147 Things¬†books to send to friends. It was dark outside despite the fact it was about 3pm, hence why we had all the lights on… the Earth is MENTAL and I love it.


This was a very exciting day. I am designing TWO limited edition jackets with Percival. This was our first meeting/design session. It’s one of the best projects I have worked on and I’m really looking forward to showing you all what we create. They should be ready in December so watch this space!

Percival is really cool London-based brand where everything is made in the city. That’s very rare now and I think it’s to be celebrated. Chris (the other attractive guy in the photo) is doing some good things.

Talking of cool things I’ve worked on, here’s a project that I shot a long time ago but I could finally share it with you on Tuesday. I am the new face of Hugo Boss watches!


I worked from Gleam on Wednesday as I was in and out of meetings and interviews all day. In the morning, I was on the High Low podcast with Pandora and Dolly (if you haven’t ever listened, I would definitely recommend it), discussing all things book!

Then I headed straight onto the MTV headquarters for some filming and back to Gleam before heading out again to a dinner hosted by Hackett. It was a really great evening spent celebrating their tailoring and suits… but it did mean that I had to get my suit delivered to the office and get changed in the bathroom. It’s non-stop glamour!


Thursday was a very fashion-y kind of day. I had two fittings – the first one was with M&S, who I think are smashing menswear at the moment. They were very generous and I walked away with much more than I was expecting – you will be seeing me in their clothes a LOT.

The second was with Joshua Kane. The expertise and attention to detail that goes into their suits is incredible.

That evening was Tan’s Christmas Dinner for her new book Tanya’s Christmas.¬†Here I am with my two sisters, my brother-in-law and Tanya, and it sums up the evening. It was so lovely to see our friends and family. And her book isn’t bad either.


Thankfully most of my day on Friday was spent at home, much needed as Tanya’s dinner was a late one and I was exhaaaaausted. I did film a Halloween Special Edition of #BakingwithJim though, which will be out this Sunday.

Next week is Hello World so unfortunately I’m not sure if I am going to fit a blog post in – there really is no rest for the wicked (ha, halloween joke).

Happy Halloween!