Welcome back!

I’ve had a month off these posts because I’ve been travelling lots – I hope you’ve missed me.

This week was very 147 Things related (I’ve heard it’s bloody brilliant so would highly recommend pre-ordering a copy, or even coming to my tour – http://bit.ly/147ThingsTour).


Day One of recording my audio book. Here I am in the recording studio with my producer, Leo. Every once in a while he will talk to me through the glass panel and tell me I’ve said something wrong.

We did this over four days and he was very patient and lovely.


I was in the recording studio all day (again) but I finished early so that I could  put this amazing Hugo Boss tux on and head to the GQ awards.

It was a great evening and I would have loved to go to the after party but unfortunately I was back in the recording studio super early the next morning.


I had a very long day in the recording studio… I nearly got to the end of the book, but definitely got to the end of my mental capability.

This is me when I got home.


On Thursday I was working with Jaguar Land Rover. This is at their Tech Fest where I took part in a panel on stage about Millennials and Cars. I learnt about some really cool technology coming in the future and hosted an Instagram story take over for Land Rover.


I was vlogging on Friday, but even though I had the camera in my hand all day I forgot to take a nice photo, so had to use this one from my phone (sorry!)

As you can see, I am in the book printers where I got to hold the FIRST EVER copy of 147 Things.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

Jim x