What I got up to this week (3rd – 9th July 17)


I know that in my previous few posts I said that I was planning to churn out content on here more regularly. I also know that it never happened.

I really enjoy this blog and would love to post on here all the time, but I have quite literally never been more busy that I am at moment: with my book being nearly finished, writing a film, doing all my usual content on YouTube, working with GQ, formulating a couple of potential TV shows and travelling lots, I just haven’t been able to find the time.

So I have come up with an idea; I will try my hardest to post cool fashion/lifestyle bits and bobs on here but I would also like to use it to document my life. My aim is to take a photo or two of one of the things I get up to during my day, Monday to Friday (sometimes with bonus weekend pics).

Like so:


Monday was a filming day – I have a very weird job. For a while creating YouTube content was pretty much all I did. Now I have to shoehorn time into my schedule to make them fit!

My content has changed a lot over the past few years. I’ve grown up and my interests have shifted, but I still love it as much as I did when I first started. Having a platform to say whatever I want is really liberating and I wholly recommend it to everyone.

It just has a different meaning to me know. For a while, all that mattered was getting more views and more subscribers, but now it’s about making stuff that I want to talk about.



Tuesday was #GleamFest – every summer and every Christmas, my management, Gleam, company throw a kickass party. This summer’s theme was the Festival. We had live music, great weather, dirty food (I ate 2 donuts, 2 burgers and half a burrito) and lots of alcohol.

It takes an army to make the Gleam machine run and some of the best people you’ll ever meet are entirely behind the scenes, so having a party that brings all of the ‘talent’ (as we are called) and staff from London, LA and Australia was a whole bunch of fun and a brilliant bonding exercise.

Sticking with the festival theme, I went super casual in a Saint Laurent vampire T-shirt, Levis denim jacket, vintage Levi’s 501’s and Rag & Bone high tops.

It was good to see friend. Even if they didn’t like it when I rocked the ferris wheel.


I’m writing this blog post from my hotel room in New York city. I’m here with Hugo Boss, working on a really cool project for their fashion show on Tuesday. I’ll be hosting a live stream, documenting the whole thing, as well filming other bits with them.

Obviously, while representing the brand, it’s only right that I wear their stuff, so I had a fitting (still feeling a little worse for wear after GleamFest). I’ve worked with Boss a few times now and I really like the team. The guy altering my leg is Chris. He’s proper Glaswegian and I can barely understand a word he says, but he’s from what I do get, I’m pretty sure he’s a nice guy.

THURSDAY – Consisted mostly of a book-related secret that I can’t share with you yet. So there is no photo. Sorry.


This is me, at the airport, lounging on my suitcase (which apparently doesn’t like being sat on… I dented it) before my flight to New York!

Thanks for reading.