I planned to post these every Friday, at the end of the week, but then because these posts are a new thing I’m doing, I totally forgot (also, I’m often doing things until quite late on a Friday, so it makes much more sense for this to be a Monday thing).

Anyway, welcome to last week:


If you read my last post, you’ll know that my week started (and the previous week ended) with me in New York City, working with Hugo Boss on their Spring/Summer 18 fashion show.

Monday was a free day, so I spent most of the day walking the streets – mostly because my wife told me that the restaurant we were heading to was 20 minutes away when in reality it was and hour and twenty away. And about 30 degrees centigrade.

I was very sweaty, but luckily I had been in NYC for a few days already so I knew what to expect – I went and wore a beautiful silk shirt from a brand called Meng who do brilliant things, a basic white vest under it, black Levi’s 512’s (if I had known about the walking, I would have definitely worn shorts) and white converse.

I ate a bunch of food and tried my first iced matcha tea – which I didn’t love, but which is very good for you and that I will continue to consume for that reason.


It was the big day – I had had a shoot with BOSS a few days earlier (you saw some of the images on my last post… many more to follow, because they’re great), but Tuesday was the actual show and I had a big job to do.

I had to run the live show, film a tonne of content ahead of time, do a bunch of Instagram live stuff and interview some mega celebs after the show to get their opinions on what they saw (luckily they all loved it, otherwise my job would have been much harder).

I honestly had a really great time working with BOSS. The team were an absolute delight to be around and over the past few seasons their collections have really impressed me (case in point; this excellent pink suit – I can’t link to it because technically it doesn’t exist yet. It’s from the S/S 18 collection). I hope there is more to come!


Home time. I spent most the day travelling so this is just a photo of me with all of the luggage (I had much more that I arrived with because I was allowed to keep everything I wore!).

I like to fly super casual and later got changed into a hoody and tracksuit bottoms, but I had a few hours in the morning and it was much too hot to even attempt anything like that, so I went for a super light-weight (and much more see-through that I thought when I bought it) shirt from AMI, a basic white vest and grey shorts from, you guessed it, Hugo Boss.


After about half an hour’s sleep on the plane I thought it would be a good idea to go boxing in order to wake myself up (it wasn’t) before filming (actually re-filming… I had technical issues the first time round) some brand new book-related content that you’ll be seeing very soon.

It involved a green screen (which my dog decided to wee on as soon as I had opened the box it arrived in… what a knob).


And then, on Friday, I was invited to Wimbledon, which is one of my favourite sporting events. It’s just so British and civilised.

I went the smarter side of  ‘smart-casual’. I was planning to wear a suit, but it was just too hot, so decided on Hackett trousers (that belong to the suit) and a Ralph Lauren shirt along with some Persol sunglasses.

Anyway, that was my week. Hope you enjoyed yours!

Thanks for reading,

Jim X