Top 7 Trends for Spring 2017


As I write this at 7:45am, the sun is showing its face for what seems like the first time this year. It’s still chilly out there, but the days are getting longer and I actually spotted some daffodils yesterday! Spring is about to be sprung.

So you’re going to want to know what to wear, I guess?

Here are my top 7 trends that I have spotted so far:

  • PUNK


All of these looks feature at least one trend (most feature more).

This look is PUNK (it also features ANIMALS… kind of) – Coach have this super cool collaboration with artist Gary Baseman who got his hands on this leather jacket, painted it white and then went to town.

I absolutely love it and have chosen to keep the rest of my look quite simple with a black t-shirt from Tiger of Sweden, Levi’s 501 CT with ripped knees (very punky), black converse and sunglasses from Carerra.

This next look features STRIPES and a BACKPACK: The backpack is a light grey suede from Topman and the striped shirt is from Éditions M.R.

Keeping it light and springy (although, when I shot this it was freezing) I have on some Linen trousers from Reiss – it’s worth mentioning a ‘kind-of-trend’ here too – I’ve turned up my trousers on most of these looks because cropped lengths will be making an appearance this coming season. The beauty of this is that you don’t actually have to buy anything new, just roll-up your trousers you already own!

My trainers are from Brunello Cucinelli, the jacket is from Reiss (you’ll see it better a little further down) and the sunglasses are Saint Laurent.

This one is all about the CAMO and the PARKA – for spring, most of the parkas that I’ve seen have been made from a technical fabric that will keep you dry when it rains but are also light-weight so you don’t cook yourself to death when the sun comes out. This one is from Stella McCartney.

The CAMO t-shirt is from Sandro, the jeans are old Levi’s 501’s and the trainers are Converse in all white.

More CAMO with this jacket from Sandro and more STRIPES with the jumper from Reiss.

I’m in love with this jacket – I guess it kind of fits into the PUNK trend, and perhaps the ANIMAL one too, but I’m featuring it mainly as an EMBELLISHED piece.

Souvenir jackets were the jacket to own last spring and they haven’t gone away this year either. This one is also from Coach’s work with Gary Baseman and it is embellished to the nines.

I kept rest of the look all-black to let the jacket do the talking. The sunglasses are from Taylor Morris.

We can all agree that this BACKPACK is super cool, right? It’s from Louis Vuitton and has an ANIMAL on it too, so you get 2 trends for the price of one. LV are also working artists for their new collection, this time in the shape of the Chapman brothers.

It’s worth noting that the Chapman brothers are separate from the Chapman twins – my twin and I are Chapman twins and we are not drawing all over Louis Vuitton bags (they would not be worth much if we did) – The Chapman Brothers are Jake & Dinos and they’re the ones with the credentials that fit the job.

The jacket is from Reiss (the one you couldn’t see properly earlier), the STRIPED shirt is from Topman (3 trends in one look!), the sunglasses are by Persol and the jeans are white Levi’s.

This jacket comes from Topman and is CAMOUFLAGED with the added bonus of EMBELLISHMENT (one of the embellished images is of a tiger, so technically it features ANIMALS too. That’s 3 trends in one item).

And my final look has a PUNKY leather biker jacket from Diesel and the Rexy jumper you have all seen me in a million times already, but that I will continue to wear forever because I love it (and because dinosaurs count as ANIMALS and animals are one of my trends).

So, these are my top 7 trends for Spring. I hope this post helps!