Welcome to Paradise

I turned 29 years of age on the 28th of December (you didn’t get me a present… tut tut). My gift from my brilliant wife was a trip to Maldives and it was spectacular!


I won’t bore you with too many words on this post because, as they say, a picture can speak a thousand. And these pictures are bloody incredible.

But I will tell you that we stayed on the island/resort of Velassaru and it was everything I had hoped, plus a million. We had a bit a of nightmare with a delayed flight that meant we missed our connection in Dubai, but when we finally made it, we were greeted by blue skies, bluer seas, white sand, colourful fish in the reef, sharks, sting rays, a great massage, lots of food, the best hotel gym I’ve been to in a long time and loads of smiles.

img_6614img_6733 img_6766

The stalk kept eating the fish. Greedy stalk.


Apparently, this is face I make when I say “look, a group of cuttlefish, Tan” (clearly she was more interested in the face I was making than the cuttlefish).
img_6742 img_6513

The back garden of our room was the sea.


The back front garden of the restaurant consisted of tropical trees.

img_6610 img_6499 p1030016

We went snorkelling quite a lot. I have a full-face snorkel thing because it’s cool.

img_6478 img_6476

We didn’t spend a great deal of time in our room because the outside is too stunning to be indoors, but it was very pretty and island-luxurious.

Sting rays!img_6642

Here’s what I learned from my trip: Everyone should go to the Maldive because it’s amazing. I can’t spend all day sitting in the sun and tanning because I get bored, but if that’s your thing, you totally can. If you’re more like me and want a bit of adventure, you can snorkel until your heart is content, you can dive, kayak, water-ski, paddle-board, wander around the island looking for cool lizards or try to eat as much of the menu as possible during your stay. It’s terrific.

Thanks for reading (mostly looking at the pictures).