A day in Florence

First off, January has been a whirlwind and although I set myself a benchmark of doing at least three blog posts a month, I have actually only been home for about 2 days and it just didn’t happen.

For that, I am sorry, but with any luck, normal scheduling shall resume as of today!


At some point in Jan, I found myself in Florence for the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show.

I had never been to Florence before and was really surprised by just how beautiful it was… also, by just how utterly freezing it was.


I could have really done with some gloves (that I did actually pack, but forgot to bring out with me), otherwise, I was dressed appropriately for the chill.


My beanie was a gift from Lock&Co; It’s a simple navy number, but it’s cashmere and feels like a hug for your head.

It was the first time I had worn my spaceship jumper from Coach (one of my favourite Christmas presents from my wife). This, along with the Rexy rendition that I have worn to death are no longer available, but I’m sure they will be bringing out other versions for the new season because they were super popular.


The coat is by Tommy Hilfiger and it is beautiful. They gave it to me for the show and I have barely taken it off since then (it occurs to me that, so far, I haven’t spent a penny on this look… lucky me).


The jeans I did buy, and they are the same fit I wear all the time. Namely, the Levi’s 512 which I have in about 4 colours because I know they fit well. I added a little turn-up too, to show off the black boots by Oliver Sweeney.


The Duomo in Florence is one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen, and this picture does not do it justice.


Honestly, I could have spent all day taking photos and putting together a much bigger blog post, but it was cold (did I mention it was cold?) and my hands stopped working like hands should, so I put my camera away and adopted this position instead.

Thanks for reading,