Bonjour, Paris

Bonjour, mon ami!

I went for a little trip to Paris recently to do a bit of book research and otherwise explore the city. It’s only a few hours away from London by train and I don’t go that often so figured I’d go on a little adventure.

I filmed a video for my daily vlog channel ( where you can see what I got up to, but for those of you who just want to see what I was wearing, this is the place to be.


This look consists mostly of bits from my #ChapmanXLewis edit in John Lewis.

The coat is a gorgeous, textured, salt’n’pepper epsom that is really easy to wear and will look good on a lot of people. It’s one of those wardrobe staples that looks just as good with knitwear or a suit underneath it.


The jumper is a textured knit from Reiss and the scarf is by Barbour (also in my #ChapmanXLewis edit). It’s super soft and brings a bit of colour to an otherwise fairly muted outfit. Grey is your best friend this season and I’m wearing it twice in this look, so it’s nice to add a little something to break it up.

I got the leather gloves from New York a year or so ago in the sale at Bloomingdales. They are Bloomingdales own brand and are lined with something (I’m not sure what) super soft on the inside.


[This is me staring at a wall, pretending there is something deep and meaningful in the brick… there wasn’t].


Both the jumper and the coat are textured and I think it would be quite heavy without the scarf to break it up.


Guess where the boots are from; That’s right, my #ChapmanXLewis edit. They are also Barbour and are very-easy-wear, slip-on Chelsea boots that sway to towards the more casual end of the spectrum making them perfect for trekking around a city.

The jeans are Levi’s 512’s, a slim taper, also from my Chapman & Lewis edit.


I was actually in Paris for 2 days so have another post to get up soon, until then, Au Revoir.

Thanks for reading,