Au revior, Paris

In my last blog post I was wandering around Paris. That went up a week a ago and during the time between that post and this one, I have been on Holiday with my wife and I forgot that I still had these pictures to show you. Whoops.

So welcome back to Paris where you join me looking pensive on a bridge over a canal. Ohlala.


Once again, the majority of this look comes from my #ChapmanXLewis edit with John Lewis, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it; I picked these clothes from the menswear selection they have because I really like them, so obviously I’m going to wear them a lot.


The coat is the only item that doesn’t belong to my edit. It comes from Burberry [link to similar] and I am in love with it! I bought it in the sale long before the weather was cold enough to take it out and it had been in my wardrobe just waiting for the right temperature to be taken out. It’s a wool cashmere mix and it’s beautiful.


The roll neck is a chunky knit from Hackett, it too is a wool cashmere blend and feels very warm and luxurious. It was chilly in Paris and I forgot to take my gloves out with me, so I was grateful for the sleeves that a pulled down a bit.

The jeans are levi’s 512 which are my favourite cut at the moment. Slim and tapered, but not skinny, they’re perfect for people with long, slim legs like me.


The boots are casual brogue-tips from Barbour and would suit a country walk as much as a city stroll. They’re heard-wearing but also look very cool on.


If you’re thinking about Christmas gifts, any of the items from this outfit are timeless additions to a man’s wardrobe and a worthy investment that he will have for a long time to come.

Thanks for reading,