My Fragrance Collection

It’s only the 3rd of October but I’ve already had 4 separate conversations with people about how close it is to Christmas (I did not instigate these conversations. I refuse to even consider the festive season until the beginning of November… bah humbug).

It got me thinking though: Fragrances are a very common gift, but they aren’t easy to get right. So this post is about my favourites.

I get sent lots of scents to my PO Box but I’m quite specific with what I like and so more often than not, they go to friends and family. The 8 in this post though (discussed from R-L), are the ones that have made my nose so happy, they’ve earned a spot on my bathroom shelf.


1. Azure Lime by Tom Ford is one of my all time favourites: A little goes a long way, which is handy because it’s the most expensive on this list and also the smallest. As the name would suggest, it’s fresh and limey whilst also quite being deep and woody. It’s unisex and is really quite sophisticated. I am by no means and expert and describing a scent is difficult, but the main notes that I pick up are: citrus, floral, musk and wood.


2. I’ve found myself wearing Vetiver by Guerlain on an increasingly regular basis.Vetiver has a woody fragrance but I feel it’s made lighter by a lemony note that registers first. For me, it’s a very clean scent that can be worn for most occasions.


3. Next up is a similar scent: Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford. This one is slightly more modern take of Vetiver. Again, it’s clean and fresh but has a hint of something a bit deeper and will last all day. The Guerlain version is a newer addition to my collection but I have repurchased this fragrance about 3 times.


4. Tom Ford For Men is a more luxurious fragrance: It’s gingery, a little bit floral and feels quite exotic. It’s deeper, although the depth is cut through with orange and lemon notes that keep it balanced. It’s a complex Eau De Toilette that I will usually wear if I’m going out for the evening.


5. Note that my Mr. Burberry bottle has a ‘JC’ at the bottom: They very kindly sent me a monogrammed version when it was released a few months ago (thanks, Burberry). When I first spray this I get a burst of Grapefruit before it settles and becomes a little bit more complex. It has a fresh start with a slightly woody undertone. When I googled it, I came to the understanding that this woody note is Sandalwood which is a fairly common ingredient in many colognes. I like it.


6. Whenever I wear Dior Homme Sport, my wife shouts CHRISTMAS! Mostly because I wore it on Christmas day one year. Since then it has become a real comfort fragrance for her; I’ll wear it if I know I’m going to be with her all day or if we have a flight to catch or something. Maybe it’s just the connection to Christmas, but I do feel like it’s more of a winter scent. It’s warming and has a spicy hint to it. It has some citrus notes but once it settles, I get a lot of ginger.


7. For Christmas 2 years ago, my sister bought me Pasha De Cartier, Edition Noir which quickly became my travel fragrance. It lived in toiletries bag and travelled the world with me. When that ran out, I couldn’t remember which one I had, so I bought Pasha De Cartier, Edition Noir Sport which is equally brilliant. It’s one of those scents that you put on and then forget about how great you smell. It’s super light and fresh and reminds me of being near water on a sunny day with a ever so slight woody notes underneath.


8. Icon by dunhill is very aromatic, sophisticated; It has freshness layered over spice, wood and leather. This is the one I am most likely to reach for on the occasions when I am in a tuxedo. I just feel like it’s a very ‘James Bond’ fragrance (I’m aware that James Bond is a name, not a verb, but you get the idea).


I hope this has given you some ideas if you’re looking for gift ideas or indeed, a new scent for yourself. Next time you’re in my neck of the woods, swing by and give my bathroom a whiff!

Thanks for reading,