What to Wear at Wimbledon

*This post contains a paid for advertorial by Ralph Lauren

I went to Wimbledon yesterday and LOVED it!

I saw Federer beat Johnson, I ate strawberries and cream (and cake and scones and afternoon tea) and my wife drank Pimms. It was brilliant.

Ralph Lauren invited me, and as they have been the official oufitters of Wimbledon since 2006, of course I wanted represent.

I actually had a choice of three, full Ralph Lauren outfits and found it very hard to choose between them.


Officially there is no dress code for Wimbledon, though most do err on the side of smart.

I feel like my first option (and ultimately the one I picked) was a great way to do ‘Summer Smart’ with a few little twists that kept it more relaxed.


The suit was a beautiful, lightweight denim/cotton mix in a bold blue.


By deciding not to wear socks, a tie or a pocket square, but adding sunglasses and a little turn-up on my trousers, I felt ready to enjoy the tennis.


Option 2 recycled the trousers from the suit.


I changed to a white shirt and added a luxurious blue striped knitted tie.



The tie smarted up the look but going for a denim jacket and brown leather trainers instead of shoes, made it a much more contemporary and a slightly different option to wear to the tennis. When the world is wearing suit jackets, why not be a little bit naughty and go for denim?


I really like this look and although I chose not to wear this to Wimbledon, I feel like it would make a great option for the launch of Ralph Lauren’s new Regent Street store, opening later this year.


My final look kept the trainers from the the previous option but changed everything else.


Stone coloured chinos, a grey t-shirt and a blue light-weight double breasted suit jacket with a stunning check running through it is a very simple option that most men can pull off but is effortlessly cool and lands right in the middle of smart and casual.


Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments .

Thanks for reading.