Rain Rain, Go Away

As I write this on June 28th (pretty far into British Summer-time) it’s raining. It has rained fairly consistently for the past 2 weeks. In fact, there was a mini flood on my road a few days ago.

Thanks, Summer, thanks a lot, you’re a real jerk, you know that?


On the plus side, I’m not ready for shorts and T-shirts yet anyway, and it hasn’t been that cold. Here’s an example of how I’ve been coping with this weather (whilst reading this post, try your hardest to imagine that I didn’t forget my umbrella).


This look is all about the outer layer. I have on a ‘Roadmaster’ waxed jacket by Belstaff.

It’s cotton, so it’s not thick, heavy and overly warm but it’s also waxed so it keeps the rain out. There are clever details such as storm proof-pockets that have a flap, and also fold over so they remain completely water-tight.

It’s also one of those iconic pieces that will be around forever and has a real heritage in motorbike history.


Seeing as the weather is wet, but not that cold, I went for a denim shirt and black jeans, both by Levi’s.


And black leather boots by Kurt Geiger. I always go for boots when it’s raining. There’s nothing worse than a bus speeding through a puddle and sending dirty water all over your socks!


With this jacket, you have the option to wear it belted, which is ideal if you want to give yourself more of a waist.


Or open if the rain has let up a little and you want slightly more relaxed vibe.

Either way, it’s a really cool and very versatile layer.


Thanks for reading!