A Few Of My Favourite Things

Today’s post is simply me sharing some of my current favourite things with you. Enjoy.

numbered 2

1. This Suede Jacket is one of my favourite bits from my #chapmanXlewis edit with John Lewis. It’s by Selected Homme and is a great colour for this time of year, it also looks really good with white or navy (in fact, here’s a shot of me wearing it on the beach).


2. Basic T-shirt from Tiger of Sweden. These aren’t the cheapest t-shirts in the world, but I live in them. I have 3 white, 2 black, 1 blue, 1 grey, 1 grey-blue and 1 green. They just fit perfectly. The neck line is a little lower than your normal crew (but not so low that you have your chest out), which is a less restrictive when layering, they are cut quite slim and the arm opening doesn’t leave lots of excess, so I fill them out, which means I look buffer than I actually am!

3. Cashmere hoody, also from my chapmanXlewis edit. It’s navy, it’s super soft and luxurious, and it’s a really handy layer to wear over a t-shirt or under a jacket. Nothing more to say, except here’s a picture.


4. New York Yankees cap. I know nothing about baseball (the Yankees are a baseball team, right?), but what I do know is that when I’m in the gym, my hair irritates me, so sometimes I like to wear a hat. I just happen to like the colour of this specific hat.

5. Kurt Keiger suede double monk straps. With a suit or with chinos and a t-shirt, with socks or without, these are a really nice change of pace for when the weather is nice. They’ll make a suit look a little more summer-ready or will smarten up a more casual look.

6. Levi’s denim shirt. I’m a big fan of a denim shirt but they do tend to be more appropriate for autumn/winter time. This one is very summery. I like it.

8. IPad Pro with Apple Pencil. A big, beautiful screen to watch shows on, a pencil to draw with (the Adobe Sketch app is brilliant) and a keyboard to write emails. I only use my laptop when I’m editing, or writing blog posts now.


1. Oral B Genius toothbrush. This toothbrush has motion detection and  you can download an app that uses facial recognition to make sure that you are brushing your teeth in the right areas for the right amount of time with the right pressure. It’s very clever.

2. White Company Cashmere jumper. Tan bought me this as an early Christmas present back in December but I don’t think I fully appreciated it back then. It’s really cosy and works as well as a ‘put a movie on and chill out’ jumper as it does as as ‘put some jeans on and head out’ jumper.

3. T-Rex jumper by Coach. I featured this in my last blog post. I’m OBSESSED! I love dinosaurs and when I saw this on the catwalk last season, I knew I needed it. Now, I have it.

4. Nike ‘Tavas’ trainers. You may have noticed from this blog post that I’m into grey at the moment, particularly light grey. These trainers are lightweight and aren’t very bulky. I have very slim calves, so I try to avoid chunky footwear. In fact, these are the only sporty trainers that I feel comfortable wearing with jeans.

5. Lab Series for men tinted moisturiser. This is a kind of ‘your skin but better’ moisturiser. It has a tiny bit of colour in it that will cleverly match most tones (within reason). It’s not heavy or thick and doesn’t look like foundation, it just evens out any areas that need a little TLC. It also has SPF 35, which is very important. Even when it’s a little cloudy harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin and lead to premature ageing, or worse.

6. Tom Ford, Grey Vitiver. A fresh but sophisticated fragrance. I’ve been wearing it for years and it’s still one of my favourites.

7. Murad Essential Vitamin C Day Moisturiser. This is my everyday moisturiser. It too has SPF 35 to protect and is full of antioxidants to repair.

8. AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser by Murad. My skin loves this. It exfoliates gently with glycolic acid (sounds terrifying but is actually really good) and jojoba beads, removing dead skin cells and revealing only the newest and brightest complexion underneath.


This is my dog, Martha who likes to lay down on soft things when I’m trying to organise them for photos. Little rat.