Saturday, 26 July 2014

Drawing Tanya


I haven't drawn a straight-up pencil portrait for about five years, but the urge to draw something beautiful suddenly came over me.

Seeings as it's been so long, I wasn't expecting miracles, but here's how it went.

I raided Tanya's Instagram and found a photo of her face that I liked (it was very difficult, she's not very nice to look at). 

Next, using a pen and a ruler, I plotted a gird (mine is made up of square inches, but you can make yours bigger or small).

With pencil, I then lightly drew out the grid on the paper I was going to work on. This time I made it from inch and half squares (making my image 1.5x larger than the one I was copying).

Using the grid makes life much easier when you're trying to get an accurate image; you can focus on one square at time and really make sure that all of you lines are in the right place.

Then I sketched out the lines of Tan's face before erasing the grid.

Once the main lines were down, I began shading and adding detail. 

It was at this point that I realised that I was actually working in the wrong sketch pad. I had picked up my pastel paper pad without thinking. Pastel paper is a little too textured and lumpy-bumpy for the pencil drawing I had in mind, but decided that I had come this far, so I may as well stick with it.

As a result I couldn't get to the detail I really wanted, and I kind of lost patience with the hair, but you get the idea. If I'd been sensible, I think it could have been pretty good!

NOTE TO SELF: ALWAYS CHECK THE SKETCH PAD BEFORE YOU DRAW (this is not the first time I have done this. I spent hours drawing a horse the other day, and couldn't work out why it kept smudging, only to realise that I was doing it on marker paper).

If you would like me to, I'll keep you posted on anything else I draw. Just let me know in the comments!

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Last day in Cannes!


If you read my previous post, you'll know that I was in Cannes for a few days.

Yesterday started with breakfast. We asked for 4 eggs, scrambled. What turned up at was 4 portions of scrambled eggs... The language barrier gets you into all sorts of mischief!

I gathered my essentials:
Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses - to keep the sun out of my eyes,
P20 once a day, factor 30 SPF - so I didn't get burnt,
My phone - to tweet about all the fun I was having,
My IPad - so I could read my book via the kindle app,

and headed straight for the beach.

We stayed lounging by the sea all day, enjoying activities such as reading,



After hours of fun and relaxation, we went back to the hotel to wash off the sand and salt and sticky suncream... and the rest of the sand you find in places you wish you didn't.

My outfit:

Cannes is an unusual place; during the day you can sit on the beach wearing pretty much nothing - in fact most guys have the tiniest little swimming trunks on, and many of the ladies go topless... I have no idea where to look - but when the evening arrives, if you don't look presentable, it's hard to get a table in a restaurant.

Tanya looked pretty incredible too.

On our journey for food, we walked along the beach front and through the port at sunset,

and ended up at a restaurant (that turns into a nightclub after midnight) called BĂ„oli.

It was very dark and atmospheric, so the only picture I took that was worth using was of some lettuce.

After our lettuce (and the rest of our meal), we decided to leave before the place turned into a club and went to get some ice-cream instead. Priorities.

Tanya had mint choc chip (boooooring) whilst I went for Ferrero Rocher, which blew my mind!

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014



Tanya and I booked a trip to Cannes a loooong time ago. We've both been so busy that I kind of forgot it was coming up... so, in a way, it was a nice surprise!

I was very happy with my choice of airport attire: No metal, no belt, super comfy and shoes that slip on and off... Somehow though, I still managed to set of the metal detector and ended up getting frisked!

Cannes is only an hour an half away by plane, but you do have to get to the airport in plenty of time. I made a slight miscalculation and ended up only getting two hours sleep. Which meant that by the time we made it to our hotel, I was pretty tired.

After a 10 minute power nap, I was coherent enough to check out the view from our room!

Then it was time for lunch on the beach.
We shared a burrata salad and both had grilled king prawns and vegetables (very beachy).

As it started to get a little cooler we headed back to our to hotel to freshen up for dinner:
I like to think I cleaned up quite nicely.

My outfit was simple but very 'French Riviera'. When in Rome... Or Cannes.

My watch is by Rolex: When I proposed to Tanya, I presented her with a ring. Shortly after, she presented me with this masterpiece. It is one of my favourite possessions.

Dinner was an unusual experience. Everything was foamy and delicate and really really small.

It also took about two hours, which meant that we were running late for the Bastille Day fireworks display.

We ran up to our room just as the national anthem played were greeted by this view.
(all of the little lights on the horizon are actually yachts and boats that had slowly been trickling in throughout the day to get a good view).

The fireworks were a perfect way to end a beautiful day.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Fun in the Sun (and Sea) in LA.


Tanya and I decided to stay in LA for a few extra days after Vidcon, and we are having the best time ever!

We are staying with our friend Ingrid whom we haven't spent much time with for quite a while. It's been so nice to reconnect with her. She has a really calming influence on me and is full of fun stories.

On the first day we went to Manhattan beach, twice!
Once during the day, when we walked down this beautiful little street...

... and watched the surfers with our feet in the water.

Then again at sunset (which was one the most incredible things my eyes have seen).

I wish I could surf, but sharks, jellyfish and water scare me.

The next day we went to Malibu ('the bu' to locals, like me). We had lunch at a popular spot called Geoffrey's where I enjoyed a delicious paella whilst looking out at the sea.

To give our tummies a chance to digest, we headed to another beach to relax.

There was a bit of trek down to this one, but the view made the journey well worth it.

One of my highlights was seeing the giant rock that looked like a happy tortoise (I'm easily pleased).

When we got down to the beach, I climbed on the tortoise's back!

It turns out that he has a hollow tummy that was fun to play in. I saw a crab, but it didn't want to be friends and hid in a hole. Rude.

I posted this picture on my instagram, but I deleted it because everyone hated my feet... they are pretty ugly.

I'm having such an incredible time and don't want to go home tomorrow!

Thank you for reading.