Monday, 21 April 2014



Yesterday was a day full of chocolate, children and fun!

I have barely seen my family lately and I've missed them all lots... especially the little ones. These are some of the pictures I took.

This is my youngest niece: Her name is Edie and she is Tan's favourite (I have told her she's not allowed favourites).

These scallywags are Ollie and Lily. Don't be fooled by their innocent faces.

And this little guy is Harry. He is trouble.


My mum's dog, Babsy (I'm her favourite).


Love, Jim

Thursday, 17 April 2014

I'VE STARTED A BLOG! WOOHOO! (+ Tanya Burr products giveaway!)

Hello best friends!

As you can see, I decided to start a blog. The idea behind it is just to show you what I've been up to, where I've been eating, what I've been wearing, who I've been with and what the weather was like. This is my first ever post though, so who knows what is going to happen!

As I'm sure you are aware by now, my beautiful girlfriend Tanya Burr is a very big deal and has recently launched her own range of lip gloss and nail polish that is sold online and in Superdrug stores.

As if I wasn't proud enough, it sits just below my big sisters' own range of make-up brushes ('Real Techniques' by Sam & Nic Chapman).

You can probably tell by my face in the picture above, but I got a little carried away with my 'supportive boyfriend' role and ended up buying one of everything... shortly before realising that I have absolutely no use for any of it!

So to celebrate the fact that my Tanya Burr is really, really cool (and that I have launched a blog) I have decided to give the whole collection away to one of you!

There are 10 nail polishes (if I were you, I'd put one on each finger) and 12 lip glosses (some of which I helped name!). 
Unfortunately, in the UK we are not allowed to post nail polish over-seas (or so I'm told). So I can only open this giveaway for people in the UK (but don't panic if you're from outer mongolia... I'm sure I'll be giving something else away soon).

If you would like to enter, all you have to do is follow me on Bloglovin' and leave a comment on this post saying whatever you like, but make sure you include your twitter handle so I can let you know if you win!

I'll pick a winner when I get back from Italy on 1st May.


Love, Jim x
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