Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Santorini with best friends


If you follow me (or Tanya, Marcus, Alfie, Zoe or Niomi) on Instagram or Twitter, you'll probably be aware (and quite jealous) that we went to Santorini.

We genuinely had the best time ever. We didn't film anything, just hung out in the sun (I was in the shade) as friends.

We did take a LOT of photos though. It was hard not too, everything in Santorini is beautiful!

This is view from my hotel room on the first night... not a bad way to start our trip. 

(sorry about my ugly feet)

On the second evening we went for dinner on a cliff-side at the other end of the island. The food was magnificent and we had an incredible view of the sunset.

I opted to wear:
Green, tailored shorts from Reiss (no link to these, they're about 2 years old).

The next day I took some pretty arty shots of me looking out to see before heading to the capital, Fira for dinner and ice-cream.

The next day was quite literally one of my favourite days ever.

We hired a boat to take us around the island.

We jumped in the sea and went snorkeling.

After much encouragement (and ridicule) from Alfie and Marcus, I leapt from the top of the boat. This was a big deal for me because I'm not very good in water. Inevitably, half of the Mediterranean sea shot up my nose, but it was worth it!

We also swam in naturally occurring hot springs between an active and a dead volcano. It smelled like sulphur and the water was orange with oxidised iron.

Posed for many photos

And watched the sunset. 

These are my holiday essentials:
Snap back - to keep my hair out of my face and stop my neck from burning (if worn backwards).
P20 factor 30 spf - Once a day and very water resistant.
EsteƩ Lauder factor 50 - for my face and neck.
Rayban Sunglass.
A good book - Currently 'Night Circus' by Erin Morgentsern.
Portable phone charger + phone (used to take this picture).
Notebook and pen - to jot down all the ideas that come to me whilst in my state of Zen.

Whilst the sun worshipers turned themselves every 15 minutes to ensure an even tan, I spent my time between shade and the pool (direct sunlight doesn't agree with me).

The next evening we went to stunning a town called Oia. 

On the final evening, we went back to Oia because we loved it so much!

This time I wore:


In case you missed all of our instagram posts, I went through and raided everyone's for some bonus photos. Enjoy!

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

A weekend in the country


Recently Tanya and I had a weekend in the country to enjoy a little couple time.

I don't have loads of pictures because the hotel likes to keep them to a minimum, plus Tan and myself where making as much use of the amenities as possible. We spent our time in the spa, gym, swimming pool and restaurant, but I couldn't resist getting a few snaps of my outfit.

Living in a city, you forget how beautiful the country is... and what ducks look like!

I had on:

The journey would have required 2 trains, 4 buses, 1.5 taxis and a horse, but very kindly, and quite out of the blue, BMW Park lane, offered to lend us a car for our journey (specifically a 640d).

As you can see, she was quite a beauty and full of gadgets and buttons that I fiddled with the entire ride (especially when Tanya fell asleep).

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Mulberry Photo Shoot


A few months ago, Tanya and I were asked to do a photo shoot with Mulberry. The images were released a few days ago, and they are terrific!

We both had a really great day and, of course, we took lots and lots of pictures for ourselves.
I wont bore you with many words, because these pictures speak thousands.


My outfit consisted of:
Grey suede jacket - Reiss
White shirt - T.M. Lewin
Navy trousers - Dockers
Suede loafers - Russell & Bromely

Thanks for reading (looking at the pictures!)