Thursday, 27 November 2014

What I'm wearing this week


I've been a very busy boy this week.

On Monday, it was Zoe's launch party for her book 'Girl Online'. (I have 2 copies and have yet to find a chance to ready anything other than the title... minus 10 friend points).

For the chilly weather it's always a nice idea to layer up.
Here I have on a denim shirt from Levi's,
A denim jacket from Allsaints (double denim is cool!)
And a leather biker jacket from Whistles.

Black jeans from Lee,
Brogue boots by Clarks,
And a rather beautiful bag from Aspinal (it was mostly empty, but it's new and I really like it so wanted to show it off).

Tuesday was date night for Tanya and I. We went to the Theatre to see 'Book of Mormon', which was hysterically funny, then on to dinner at 'Bob Bob Ricard'.

I wanted to put some effort in to impress my date, but not look like I'm trying too hard.
I went for my Ray ban specs,
 a navy shirt form Topman,
A navy shawl neck jumper by J.Crew,
and a Burberry leather Jacket.

My blue and green plaid trousers were also by J. Crew,
and my boots were by Goodwin Smith

On Wednesday night, I went to an art exhibition at the Somerset House.

I have on a camel coat by Burberry (one of my all time favourite pieces, and last year's Christmas present from Tanya),
an olive cardigan from Reiss,
a white shirt from T.M. Lewin
and a blue scarf from Mulberry.

Navy wool trousers by Whistles,
and brown derbys by Russell & Bromley.

I'm having Thursday night in. What are you up to?


Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas shopping (mostly for myself)


A few weeks ago I was invited to Bicester village. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get my twin brother and best man a suit for my wedding. It didn't stop at the suit though, I may have got a little carried away.

I was quite excited about having a shopping day with John (we don't see each other that often), and I figured that I'm not in the area very often so I tweeted about going. To my surprise, quite a few of you turned up to say hello, which put a big smile on my face!

(although it did lead to a slightly awkward situation at lunch when the lady on the table next to me didn't know who "the famous YouTuber" was and began googling me).

As soon as I arrived, I felt my christmas spirit lift. There's something about shopping outside during this time of year that encourages festive feelings much more than a mall or shopping centre can.

The christmas music that was playing and the decorations helped too.

Our fist stop was Gieves & Hawkes to find John a suit.

As you can see from the pictures below, he looks great in it! It's a fairly classic navy suit with a slight check. He's going to pair it with a white shirt and a pink Paisley tie.

(can you tell that we're twins? Some people see it straight away, others think we look nothing alike)

Seeing as Bicester is an outlet shopping village, everything is much cheaper than you will find elsewhere. That, coupled with the fact that these suits were buy one get one half price meant that I really had no choice but to get one for myself.

Mine too is navy, but is double breasted (and yes, our Christmas tree is already up. Tanya is very excited).

Following this, we went for lunch at a Thai restaurant called 'Busaba'. I'm not sure how wide-spread they are, but there a few in London and they're one of my favourite places to eat.

We both eat a lot of food (according to my mum, keeping us fed was a full-time occupation) and our order included pad thai, Chinese broccoli, Singapore style noodles, duck massaman curry, some more vegetables and some calamari.

With our bellies full and our spirits high with talks of christmas, travelling (John is spending December in Thailand) and a wedding we wondered around the rest of the shops.

I literally shopped like I have never shopped before and bought a lot. Some of which was for Christmas presents (I can't show you any of this because it will ruin the surprise for the recipients) and some of which was for myself.

I picked up a brown pair of brogue-tipped chelsea boots from Church's. John actually got the exact same pair, half a size smaller (which is the kind of thing that would usually annoy me, but seeing as I live in London and he lives in Norwich and we don't see each other all that often, the chances of us both wearing them at the same time and place are slim... still, if that situation were to occur, I would be most upset).

A simple, casual and very comfy cord shirt from Levi's. Shirts in general are great for layering as the weather gets colder, you can wear them over t-shirts or under knitwear, jackets or coats. Corduroy is a fabric that only really comes out around winter time too, making this shirt doubly handy.

In Lacoste I came across a couple of shawl-necked knits: One is a grey cardigan.

The other is a navy pullover. Both of these are winter essentials. They're also timeless and the kind of thing that once you have, can come out of your wardrobe this time every year.

Something that is a little less timeless and maybe something that I wouldn't usually pick up is this jacket (also from Lacoste). I seldom go for big contrast panels but winter can often be all blacks and greys and browns and I think incorporating some fun like this can be a nice idea.

Finally, my favourite piece is this shearling jacket from Belstaff. It's so soft and luxurious and will keep me warm for many winters to come.

I had such a nice day out with my brother and a really relaxed shopping experience. I'm going to try to get Tanya to come with me again some time in December so we can get as much of our Christmas shopping done. We'll wrap up warm, drink hot chocolate from the Starbucks and get as festive as possible. I'm sure she'd love to... I told her about all the shoes and handbags that I saw.

Thanks for reading.

And thank you to Bicester village for inviting me, you were a pleasure to work with.


Sunday, 2 November 2014



Before I write this post, let me first apologise for my absence. My last one was all the way back at the beginning of September!

It's not that I've had nothing to write about. I've actually been doing a lot of interesting stuff that would make great posts, it's just that I've been so busy. In fact, I am in a 2 and half hour car journey (and feeling quite travel sick), en route to the next thing as I type.

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or are subscribed to my daily vlog channel, you will know that my friends and I have been on tour!

I took a few pictures along the way, and would like to share my experience with you.

The team consisted of Myself, Tanya, Alfie, Zoe, Caspar, Louise, Marcus, Niomi, and Joe (although Joe was extremely ill and could only make it to surprise us on the final night). 

Amity fest is our way of improving upon the experience most youtube meet-ups and conventions offer. Typically at these things, we get only a few seconds with each person who has waited so patiently to meet us. On our tour, prior to each 2 hour live show we hung out and had quality time with some of our viewers.

I actually enjoyed the travelling much more than I though I would. Hours in a van each day going from hotel to venue across the the country should have been a chore, but when you're in the company of your best friends it became a real pleasure.

This is me on the final day, very early in the morning before heading from Liverpool to Brighton.
I'm wearing:
Spectacles - Rayban
Leather Jacket - Whistles
Hoody - Allsaints
T-shirt - Asos
Jeans - Lee
Boots - Clarks

My travel essentials consisted of:
Amity Fest branded water (no idea how we got them made, but it was pretty cool) - to stay hydrated.
Laptop - to edit my videos.
Headphones - to edit my videos without annoying else everyone on the bus.
Phone - for everything a phone is used for.
Vlog camera (canon s120) - to record everything that happened.
Phone charger cable - to keep my phone charged.
Lip balm - the air con in the van dried then out.

When I made it to Brighton, I swapped my leather jacket for a denim one and headed straight for the stage to see what it was like.

Turns out it that it was really big... and the lights were very purple.

Then it was time to head back stage and prepare for the meet and greet. We had a few polaroid cameras to fiddle with. 

We signed a tonne of posters... it's harder than you might think to get eight people around one poster and write their name on it.

And then it was time for our performance!

I really enjoyed the entire tour and with any luck we will be doing it again, bigger and better and further, very soon.

Before you go, if you didn't already know, I have been nominated as one of GQ's best dressed men of the year. Winning could mean some pretty excited opportunities, so i
f you do feel like voting for me, that would be incredible.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Santorini with best friends


If you follow me (or Tanya, Marcus, Alfie, Zoe or Niomi) on Instagram or Twitter, you'll probably be aware (and quite jealous) that we went to Santorini.

We genuinely had the best time ever. We didn't film anything, just hung out in the sun (I was in the shade) as friends.

We did take a LOT of photos though. It was hard not too, everything in Santorini is beautiful!

This is view from my hotel room on the first night... not a bad way to start our trip. 

(sorry about my ugly feet)

On the second evening we went for dinner on a cliff-side at the other end of the island. The food was magnificent and we had an incredible view of the sunset.

I opted to wear:
Green, tailored shorts from Reiss (no link to these, they're about 2 years old).

The next day I took some pretty arty shots of me looking out to see before heading to the capital, Fira for dinner and ice-cream.

The next day was quite literally one of my favourite days ever.

We hired a boat to take us around the island.

We jumped in the sea and went snorkeling.

After much encouragement (and ridicule) from Alfie and Marcus, I leapt from the top of the boat. This was a big deal for me because I'm not very good in water. Inevitably, half of the Mediterranean sea shot up my nose, but it was worth it!

We also swam in naturally occurring hot springs between an active and a dead volcano. It smelled like sulphur and the water was orange with oxidised iron.

Posed for many photos

And watched the sunset. 

These are my holiday essentials:
Snap back - to keep my hair out of my face and stop my neck from burning (if worn backwards).
P20 factor 30 spf - Once a day and very water resistant.
EsteƩ Lauder factor 50 - for my face and neck.
Rayban Sunglass.
A good book - Currently 'Night Circus' by Erin Morgentsern.
Portable phone charger + phone (used to take this picture).
Notebook and pen - to jot down all the ideas that come to me whilst in my state of Zen.

Whilst the sun worshipers turned themselves every 15 minutes to ensure an even tan, I spent my time between shade and the pool (direct sunlight doesn't agree with me).

The next evening we went to stunning a town called Oia. 

On the final evening, we went back to Oia because we loved it so much!

This time I wore:


In case you missed all of our instagram posts, I went through and raided everyone's for some bonus photos. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading.